Burberry can be bought on Tmall

In the field of luxury goods, this idea is more obvious, one of the reasons is the huge difference between price and service. The reason why luxury brands are tardy in online layout is the service and quality of physical stores. If we rush into the field of e-commerce, there is a lack of one-on-one enquiry and trial service in physical stores, which is likely to be affected by highly variable online.

In the event of an accident, even a small flaw, the impact on them will be more intense, and the brand image of years of operation will be affected. Against the electricity providers, luxury brands are also struggling to curb the influence of powerful electric providers. Luxury brands have to increase their service levels in order to retain those skilled customers. The most common technique is to introduce food and beverage into the store. Coco Chanel fashion empire was like herself full of hard and without loss of autonomy, is the heirs to the brand integration efforts.

People who have been to Japan, Shanghai, Hongkong, Toronto, Seoul and Singapore have seen that Coco Chanel will set up another corner in the store to sell Coco Cafe, so that customers can not pick their mouths when they choose red numbers and try makeup. At the same time, accompanied by the boyfriend also have a place to stay.

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