Is Burberry a special guest on Tmall?

One of the biggest points of view of the fashion circle this year, the September series of fashion show for men and women just ended in Burberry2017. This show attracted a lot of attention, “fresh meat” Wu Yifan and “little flower” Dongyu Zhou’s attendance is to make the entertainment circle and fashion circle very lively.

One week after the Burberry show, Tmall started the Burberry Tmall brand day, the seamless connection of the heat, which was simply admirable. Later, Tmall announced the Tmall Burberry brand on the battlefield performance: the day sales of nearly five times the usual.

Five times as usual? This data has triggered a strong curiosity about the luxury brands like Burberry, and how do they sell at Tmall? Do Chinese local tyrants flock to it?

With curiosity, Xiaobian entered Tmall’s official store in Burberry. The actual situation is quite unexpected: there is not a sales volume on the full screen, and a classic raincoat is ordered. The number of comments below is 0!

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