Tmall’s new retail for burberry

In April 2014, Burberry formally entered the Tmall flagship store and became the first international luxury brand with third party online shopping platforms. The Burberry’s innovative genes are equally evident in the Chinese market. When most luxury brands take a wait-and-see attitude towards the electricity providers, Burberry takes the lead in Tmall. During the three years’ cooperation, all the innovation projects of Ali Tmall are at the forefront of Burberry. At the end of 2015, Burberry China’s 70 stores jointly launched a full channel integration with Tmall. In 2016, Burberry took part in the “Tmall double 11 tide event”.

In 2017, the cooperation between the two sides became closer and closer. In May, after the small black box & Tmall started the new handbag, the two sides also carried out the cooperation of the super brand day in September. Tmall joined hands with the international brand to deepen the positioning of “ideal life, Heaven Cat”. The brand also promotes sales volume and brand influence through Tmall IP 500 million consumer group. Burberry uses data bank to achieve accurate advertising, and stores thousands of faces, synchronized global latest show, brand number, live and online 360 degree panoramic exhibition hall to enhance consumption experience.

These innovations made Burberry five times as much sales as usual on the day, and the first sales show got a warm response from consumers.

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