Will Burberry be defeated by its competitors??

After all, Burberry is going to lose a general Christopher Bailey. The designer who served Burberry for 16 years announced that she would quit the board of directors in March 2018 and resigned as chief creative officer, leaving Burberry completely.

Although the performance of Christopher Bailey during CEO has been exhausted by investors’ eyes, Christopher Bailey, as a designer, is undoubtedly a great player in Burberry.

He joined Burberry in 2001, as Alessandro Michele, the designer of the current fashion designer, has worked hard on the youth of brand design. Christopher’s first men’s clothing conference in Burberry made the company’s performance increase by 30%. The industry thought he followed the founder’s Thomas Burberry British style. The modified Classic check shirt, coat and scarf is a big selling single product.

After Christopher’s announcement, Burberry could find a designer with a big flag, or a question mark. On the other side, this year’s new CEO Marco Gobbetti is also a major reform is urgent to be eager for a fight, but the Wall Street investment does not seem to pay people.Wi

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