Fashion brand on social networks

Burberry has worked with Facebook to launch a new social networking site,, to publicize the company’s clothing. The site helps users build contacts through Facebook accounts, upload pictures and stories about Burberry windclothes, and share them with friends.

Burberry CEO Angela ahrendts (Angela Ahrendts) said: “these fans may not even buy our products. Or maybe only a bottle of perfume or a pair of glasses. But such customers need more brand experience and touch brands. Through the mouth to their social networks, will continues to be a positive conversation of Burberry. It’s very powerful. ”

This year, Burberry was a joint fashion blogger Mr. Bao, as “special” Bright powder Toffee light toffee, “only in China, buy” by Mr. Bao and Burberry platform to the official website of WeChat, sold out within 8 minutes.

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